Brand Management System


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Solution: Brand Management System

Our method is to make digital and traditional design as lean and simple as possible while building your full customer experience as engaging as possible. This will help you cooperate more efficiently with your teams and partners.

We have build a fluid platform (Brand Management System) that enables us to unleash full creative freedom to create new and innovative solutions. It unites creative freedom with slow branding. It enables us to create something that can’t be designed. A masterpiece.


Next element


1) Research

Our research sprint will investigate you. We will polish your parts, keep the ones that work and change some when necessary.

We might even hire some extra professionals to make sure that all work done is of the highest quality.

2) Essential

We will re-assemble you again. All the dust and bumps have been taken care of. You will look and feel brand new. Be as powerful as ever. As desirable as ever.

3) Evolution

We will not settle there. We will make you even better. You will be the top of the line.

BMS – Includes

Design System

You will get a fluid Design System. We will use this as a tool for diversifying and executing the planned big picture.

Design Process

We use a minimalistic approach based on the very essential elements and visuals. From there we let it evolve naturally over time by using A/B testing and slow branding.

File Management

File management is done by using one master file on a cloud server.

Guide Lines

We do not believe in old-school design bibles with expensive five year re-design plans. Creativity needs room to breath and adapt to change.

Our goal is to set-in-stone only the essential in theory-level. Essentials with an additional creativity layer keeps the overall look & feel recognizable, without getting your hands tied with outdated restrictions.

Creative Freedom

By adding a creative layer by default you will be able to diversify your end-products, adapt to trends and collect heritage without ever getting old. You will always be up-to-date.


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