Ritanen, Kormano & Co. was founded in early 2017 by three experienced designers. The idea in mind was to generate a hub for highly talented and connected professionals, in order to utilise their specific skillsets & networks to build a better, more beautiful, and more functioning tomorrow. We continue to further our mission one client at a time – no matter the platform or field of business. 

We operate from our creative space located in the heart of Finland, Helsinki.


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For new business inquiries, please email a detailed brief about your project.

Or contact Tatu / Toni personally for a face-to-face meet up. Always here to help out.


You’re the best in your field? We do not want to do everything by ourselves. We’re always looking for the best partners to team up with.

Please, send us an email with a link to your company website & we’ll make arrangements.


As a design studio we do not hire often, but we are always on the lookout for talented & passionate people to work with.

Send us a link to your website or resume. Please put “Position: Your Name” as the title.


Our designers are always up for an interview. Feel free to contact them personally & discuss the specifics. For other press related subjects, please shoot us an email.

Please put “Press: Your company name” as the title.